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Grow Your Business With Instagram

You’ve seen it – the crazy fast growth Instagram has seen in less than 6 months! Growing by 100 million users in less than a year, Instagram has scooped up your ideal clients and housed them in one spot. What are you waiting for? Jump in and learn exactly to grow your business by leveraging the power of visuals (no graphic design experience necessary) and start attracting exactly who you want!

What’s included?

You love Instagram. You use it all the time! But, you just aren’t sure how to use this booming platform for your growing business.

Or, you are overwhelmed by the sheer thought of a number of images you need to keep a steady stream of content going to get you noticed.

Are you unsure if your target audience is even using Instagram? With over 600 MILLION users, the chances your audience is on Instagram are high! What exactly are you waiting for?

If you felt like the questions you just read were directed towards you, it’s time to get into the Instagram world and start attracting your ideal clients! In this mini-course, I’m dissecting how I quadrupled my following in a few short months posting less than once a day! Sounds crazy, right? And I don’t usually advocate for judging your success as a business on followers, but in this case, 95% of my followers fit into my target market. What? That’s why I want to show YOU exactly how I did so so that you can do the same and know how to connect with your ideal tribe on Instagram. Get those followers to convert to clients in no time!

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up an account that attracts your ideal clients
  • Create eye-grabbing branded visuals in minutes
  • Understand why and how to use #hashtags
  • The 3 tools that saved me 20 hours a month
  • Proven tactics I used to grow my account strategically in less than 15 minutes a day

“Lindsay is a social media expert at their finest! Her genuine interest and knowledge in this area shines in any of the projects I’ve had the opportunity to work with her on. She understands the strategy, best practices, and most importantly, the content needed to make social media a powerful tool.”

– Amanda B.

Who is this for?

The New Instagrammer

You've just joined Instagram, and you aren't quite sure how to use it effectively for your business - yet!

The No Results Instagrammer

You've been using Instagram but aren't seeing results or possibly, you aren't sure how to track your results to show your growth.

Instagram For Your Biz

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